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Acrylic Painting's


"Fantasy Flickers"


"Fantasy Flickers" is a series of acrylic paintings I made for my IB visual Art Class in high school. They were made between 2013 - 2015. During this time I was very much experimenting with the idea of creating surreal or fantasy style artwork. I found out, during this time, that my style

encorporates pop art as well as elements of graphic style art. 


I took many inspirations from my day to day life at the time, and explored my background or identity to create more meaningful art. 


As my pieces were complete, I realized my theme was "Identity". Each piece showed a different side of my identity and perspective as an individual. 


4- Phone over Matter.jpg
10 - Unknown Reality_edited.jpg
11 - This is Me_edited.jpg
3- Freedom is War_edited.jpg
2- Personal Reality_edited.jpg
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