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Oil Paintings


"A Lady's Pearl's"


"A Lady's Pearl's", an oil painting series, draws parallels between the idea of a pearl and a woman. A pearl is a timeless and valuable stone that is formed over time under high-pressure environments. A pearl is a symbol of elegance, wisdom, beauty, purity, innocence, persistence and so much more. In many ways, I see women as pearls. 


"A Lady's Pearl's" is essentially a land where woman are guided by pearls, and pearls raise women. If a pearl were to raise a woman, what would she look like? How would she behave? Personally, I see women as very strong and wise creatures. There is a delicateness, partnered with strength, in women which I can only see in a Pearl.


Mischief .JPG
Majesty .JPG
Elegance .JPG
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