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Artist Statement 





  I was born in Pakistan, moved to Russia, then settled down in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates in 2006. As a result, I’ve been influenced by diverse perspectives amongst multicultural communities.  My initial inspirations stem from always listening to music, and watching films from the genres: fantasy, fairytales, science fiction, and comic books. What it comes down to is, I am passionate about stories and storytelling. I’ve always loved observing the world, creating art from my observations, and admiring others who did the same. This lead to my passion for painting.


  As a painter, my style of art is fantasy, surrealist, and conceptual. Surrealism is my preferred style of art because it’s an extraordinary and illogical form of realism, which contrasts ideas of reality and fantasy. Through university, I have found a new passion for photography. In both my paintings and photographs, the styles, concepts, and themes are Identity, dreams, memories, feminism, human nature, and a mix of social issues such as poverty, corruption, and anti-technology.


  Conceptually, my works speak mostly of human nature and its many facets, including our opposing dark and light sides since that mix of good and bad, is in essence what makes us human. The subjects most present in my work are women, faces, eyes, elements in nature, and simple whimsical objects. I mostly integrate symbols of innocence or corruption as the focal points which, juxtaposing each other, add either naivety or wickedness to every piece and liberation. As an artist, I aim to express feelings of mystery, unconsciousness and a sense of wonder through my perspective as a storyteller.

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